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Welcome to my collection of toy steam engines, please click on the images to take you to the specific collection:

The brief history into my collection starts with a blame game (I mean you have to blame someone for a collection). So that would have to be my Dad, after he gave me his modified  Wilesco  D365 roller and the twin cylinder Mamod SE3 some 15 years ago. I would spend every living hour steaming them two engines, I was so fascinated by how they worked. The unfortunate thing was as a child I liked to think I could repair them, how wrong I was. I ended up wrecking not only these two wonderful engines, but also my own Wilesco D10 I was given for my 10th birthday. So there they sat in bits for years gathering dust.

But though the power of the Internet my interest in this hobby got rekindled and has now flourished into a collection of over 30 toy steam engines.

My Collection Wilesco Mamod Wolfgang